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Pattex assembly adhesive universal

Pattex assembly adhesive universal

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With the Pattex Montage Universal assembly adhesive, almost all materials can be ideally glued, assembled, filled or repaired. The all-purpose adhesive is suitable for many other materials such as Styrofoam, insulation boards, hard PVC, plastics, glass, tiles, skirting boards and metal.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the assembly adhesive is extra strong and weather and temperature resistant from -30°C to +80°C. In addition, the strong adhesive fills gaps of up to 20mm and can be sanded and painted over after setting.
All surfaces must be clean, dust-free, stable, grease-free and free of release agents. Depending on the application, apply the construction adhesive evenly in strands or dots. Ensure rear ventilation at a distance of approx. 3mm. Then press the workpieces together just hard enough to prevent the adhesive from flowing together. Precautionary fixation of heavy or high-tension objects for 24 hours is recommended.





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