About Us

A dream becomes reality
On August 1, 2023, the close friendship between Erol and I, Patrick, became more than just a business: a promise to add character and depth to every home. We saw a need for custom wall panels that were both sustainable and affordable and decided to provide exactly that.

our range
Each of our wall panels is thoughtfully designed. With Erol's wife on the design team, we are constantly bringing in fresh and innovative ideas. This makes each panel unique. And soon you'll be able to work with us to design panels to your own taste.

Our journey
Our business was not only the result of a business idea, but above all the product of years of friendship and a shared passion for interior design. With Erol's wife at our side, who brings fresh and modern design approaches, we have a team of three that complement each other perfectly.

Quality and sustainability
When producing our wall panels, we rely on sustainable materials and production processes. Because we believe that quality and sustainability should go hand in hand. When you choose our products, you not only choose an aesthetically pleasing design, but also a responsible use of resources.